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 Matt Kopa, NFL Offensive Lineman

As a professional athlete, I know what it takes to compete at the highest level. I can honestly say that WarriorZ has all the equipment for athletes to train. Unlike other gyms with unidirectional machines, WarriorZ has the proper equipment to improve strength, power, explosiveness, quickness, and agility. WarriorZ also has corrective equipment to help reduce chronic pain and improve an athlete’s functionality. Many people under appreciate the importance that great form and technique play in becoming a more functional athlete. Charlie’s knowledge and attention to detail are ideal for any athlete who desires to achieve their goals. His zeal for fitness training makes this a perfect place to train in Elk Grove.

Mayor Steven M. Detrick

I have been associated with the Zamora family for over 10 years. Charlie has always excelled in every part of his life.  He is an exceptional athlete and he has carried that same work ethic into his business life. In 2010, Charlie approached me as the Vice Mayor of Elk Grove to help him get the doors open for his new business, WarriorZ Fitness. Charlie and I worked with the City of Elk Grove to get the doors open and start building his business. He has built a strong following over the last two years. In 2011, his business had already outgrown the original space and he moved to a larger unit that he has now outgrown with the number of clients that range from early teens into their 60’s as well as training various teams from several schools and youth organizations. As Charlie’s client base has grown, so has his gift of giving back to the community. In 2010 the Fittest of Elk Grove http://fittestofelkgrove.org was founded by Charlie to have a city wide competition with the proceeds going to a local non profit, the Elk Grove Food Bank. In 2011, the Fittest of Elk Grove was expanded to a 5 part series with the Elk Grove Youth Sports Foundation (EGYSF) as the benefactor. $12,000 was raised that will scholarship 120 underprivileged boys and girls to play youth sports that otherwise would not have that opportunity. In 2012, the Fittest of Elk Grove will have the Elk Grove Police Activities League as the benefactor. I would highly recommend Charlie Zamora of WarriorZ Fitness of Elk Grove, CA as a well run and highly ethical business that not only raises the awareness and fitness to residents of Elk Grove and beyond, but also gives back to the community that Charlie grow-up in!


Gary Baron - Co-Owner Rocklin CrossFit

The CrossFit community is growing larger and larger everyday, yet it still maintains that small town feel. Certifications are being awarded by the hundreds on a weekly basis. Once most of them receive the cert, the learning stops. 

It is a rarity to come across one that has the desire, drive, passion of the industry, and ability to ask for help. Charlie Zamora may be young, but he possesses those qualities. Charlie’s quest to create the best training center in the Elk Grove community didn’t happen over night. He spent many hours shadowing, travelling to other gyms, and drilling gym owners for feedback and tips to help shape a conditioning model and business practice that is now known as Warriorz. Charlie has a great hand in the community as well by either showing support to other gyms, putting on competitions, and in general just bringing people closer together to share and embrace in the like hobbies and lifestyles that is CrossFit. 

Warriorz’ athletes are lucky to have Charlie as a lead dog, He’ll guide you through the hard times in the gym and if ever there is a question that he doesn’t have an answer to, Charlie will take it upon himself to get the info to you!


Cory Perryman - Officer San Quentin Prison 

WarriorZ is the best facility to train at in EG! The owners, Charlie and Micha Zamora, have produced an environment where obtaining you physical fitness goals are not just GOALS, but benchmarks that will be reached no questions asked. The atmosphere is unlike any other gym you will step foot in. Myself, along with my wife and three boys have found our home at WarriorZ!

The trainers are top notch and you have more one on one time with the trainers at this facility. If your looking to get stronger, faster, lose weight, or take your fitness to another level, then look no more. WarriorZ is your antidote! Hope to see you in the BOX soon!!


Patrick Coffing - Head Wrestling Coach Elk Grove HS ~ Teacher: Kerr MS / EGHS

This place is great...We've never had the same workout twice....keep shocking the system differently to encourage growth ....Charlie works out both me and my team. I feel positive results will show next season. 


Angel Cardenas - Feature Reporter Good Day Sacramento

In todays world there are few individuals that look to give back and better the lives of others around them...Charlie Zamora is one of them. His passion and work ethic for fitness carries over to overall life long lessons for kids and adults.

Chris Michelmore - Owner CrossFit Moxi

Charlie brings a passion that is contagious. As a coach he constantly strives to learn more, and as a person he truly cares about his athletes. Charlie's enthusiasm and knowledge is sure to push you to a new standard of fitness.


Daniel Hahn - Chief of Police Rosville

WarriorZ is a great place to work out. It is like a family. You will get hooked after your first visit. The owners Charlie and Micha are awesome and really care about your fitness - they will push you but not give you anything you can't take. You will get great workouts and it won't even feel like a workout. The people at WarriorZ (including the kids) are great people who have a ton of fun while they are getting in shape and living healthy lives. WarriorZ is the best gym around!


Myles Lewis - Owner CrossFit Avalanche ~ CrossFit Blizzard 

I want to relate my recent experience with Charlie Zamora.  I am a co-owner of Crossfit Avalanche and Crossfit Blizzard.  One Saturday morning Charlie came by with a friend to check out a class.  He came in with the intent to gather as much information about running a successful gym.  In Charlie's eyes success is different then most it's not about making money, rather it's about opening the best gym that he can and provide the best service possible.  He is a very driven individual, I can tell this about him even with only speaking to him for an hour.  He wants to help people make positive changes in their own lives.  It's about helping people accomplish goals that drive Charlie to success.  Being exposed to so many other forms of fitness Charlie chose CrossFit as his tool to get people in shape.  Crossfitisn't a fad it's more like a journey, it is a fantastic way to become both physically and mentally strong.  Charlie is the person you want to help you on that journey.  When you are ready to get your ass off the couch and to truly make a change in your life, get down to Warrior Z Fitness and ask to talk to Charlie.  Don't look back, you will not regret it.


Micheal Hull

As a high school football coach with over (27) years of experience I have seen a lot of programs & gyms come and go. I have trained hundreds of football players, wrestlers, track athletes, etc. There is no finer facility than Warrior Z and the owners Charlie & Micha Zamora for the Serious Athlete. Their staff is hands on and the environment is ELECTRIC, but most of all they know their STUFF. Their certified olympic weight coaches Paul & Cathy are excellent coaches and teachers who have coached and competed at the highest levels. I have chosen to enroll my (15) year old son into their gym because I believe they are the best choice for his development. Check them out today!!!!!


Teddy Herrera - Cyclist ~ Founder AA4CO

I started training at WarriorZ CrossFit expecting to begin a rapid ascent towards peak fitness- I was right.  What I didn’t expect, was the kinship that quickly develops between you, your coaches and fellow CrossFitters, through shared gut-wrenching struggles and triumphs.  Charlie Zamora of WarriorZ CrossFit will inspire you to push past your perceived limitations, and guide you every step of the way as you obtain the mental, emotional and physical level of fitness you never thought possible!  -Teddy Herrera M/25/208#, Founder and Cyclist- Across America for Childhood Obesity (www.AA4CO.com)

Glenn GuenardManaging Partner Attorney at Law ~ Guenard & Bozarth

"Charlie Zamora and WarriorZ is the real deal in CrossFit training in Elk Grove. I was a 3 sport varsity athlete in high school, and in college and I have been trial lawyer for the past 24 years, I love the challenge of competition. As a member of WarriorZ for the past year, I can say that Charlie's enthusiasm and motivation will satisfy that challenge. He makes it a lot of fun with his staff and wide-range of members" 


Darren Mitchell - Asst. Football Coach Cosumnes Oaks High School

 I have been training high school football players in core work, plyometrics and speed drills since the late 1990's and I can say without a doubt that WarriorZ Health and Fitness takes this type of training to another level by incorporating new ideas and methods. I personally am impressed by Charlie's enthusiasm, his attention to detail and his ability to get the most out of his clients / athletes. WarriorZ Health and Fitness absolutely fills a need within the Elk Grove / Laguna community because some people thrive training under pressure and some folks also need a more personal training experience. I have witnessed Charlie first hand training adults and younger kids / teens and he is able to get the most out of them in a positive manner which is essential to growth and progress. Charlie is truly an asset to the community too as he has contributed to a number of causes whether it be donations or his time, he was a huge help at the 3rd Annual Lance Briggs Nor-Cal Football Camp this past June. Give Charlie and his staff a chance to turn your life around and you will not be disappointed!!! 

Hayley Friedman

I have lost over 30 lbs and increased my strength, endurance and flexibility at WarriorZ, all things that normally decrease with age! As a 45 year old mother of 5 and former aerobic instructor/personal trainer I can honestly say CrossFit training and Olympic Weight lifting has given me the best and quickest results ever! The charisma of the owners, the coaches and fellow members makes me look forward to every class! I strongly recommend you stop in for your first time free class and be ready to do WORK that PRODUCES RESULTS!

Lucas Anoskey

Warrior Z made me lose more than 24 pounds in the 3 months i have been training with them. Charlie and Micha are extreamely nice people in everyway possible. The gym is a fun passtime for me after schoolwork. I Love this gym. YOU need to check it out.

Charlie Perryman

WarriorZ is a great place where you can really challenge yourself. Charlie and Micha are the best! I've not only lost weight, but become stronger and healthier. Come and train at WarriorZ!


WarriorZ is an amazing place to workout,train, and meet your fitness and health goals. To call it just a gym would be misleading. WarriorZ is a family! The owners, Charlie and Micha take pride in giving all members of WarriorZ all the tools they need to get meet their fitness and health goals...there's nutrution classes, personal training, Olympic weight lifting training, yoga classes, gymnastics training and crossfit training and more.....And there won't be a day that you walk into WarriorZ without being greeted by Charlie, Micha or the someone in the WarriorZ family...Do yourself a favor, If you are serious about making a life style change, come to WarriorZ. The first class is free! Hope to see you there!

Anh Phoong

WarriorZ is undoubtly the best fitness arena in Elk Grove, and possibly the best in Northern California! I live on the opposite side of town (in Antelope) and drive 35 minutes each way just to work out at WarriorZ-that's how great of a facility it is! That it is worth the gas, mileage, and time! People ask me all the time why I drive out to Elk Grove to workout out and I always reply "because there's no other place I'd rather be!" There are several reasons why WarriorZ is the best. First, it offers a variety of fitness programs for ALL ages, experience and sizes. From ATD (athletic training development) for the youth, to crossfit classes for all ages. Next, the staff is amazing. From the coaches to the owners and the members. Charlie and Micha Zamora not only make it a goal to challenge yourself physically, but they make sure you have fun while doing so! Who else plays tag as a warm up? Or dance offs? Lastly, unlike most traditional gyms, WarriorZ offers an atmosphere that promotes community and FAMILY! From the moment you walk into their doors, you have not only made a positive step into reaching your fitness/health goals, but you become part of the Warriorz FAMILY! But don't just take my word for it. Come in and find out for yourself!!

Ric Reyes

Warriorz is like a truly loving family--the kind that gives you a good, solid kick in the butt when you need it to keep going. I've played sports from when I was 4 years old, all through school and college, and recreationally after, but I've never been as fit as Warriorz has made me.

Mitch Lopez

Warriorz is a very welcoming fitness center and the people there are just as motivated to stay fit as I am. The workouts are building muscles in places that I have never had. I wrestle at Elk Grove highschool and coming to Warriorz definitely helps me stay fit for wrestling. 

Steven Moore

WarriorZ has helped me make tremendous strides in overall leg strength,core strength,upper body strength and technique with my lifts. They have helped me in weight gain,flexibility,coordination,conditioning and endurance. Next fall, I will be attending the University of California Berkeley on a football scholarship, and Charlie Zamora has been by my side, making sure my training is progressing at the right pace. Choosing WarriorZ to prepare myself for the next level in football has been a great choice. I have complete trust that Charlie and his staff will have me ready when it is time to leave for Berkeley. I will continue to train at WarriorZ when I am home on breaks from school.

Carson Sperber

Im a wrestler at elk grove high and WarriorZ has helped me get stronger and help me stay in shape for offseason work. The coaches like Charlie know what their doing and motivating me to do my best.


Von Discipulo

Best gym in Elk Grove. I love this place. Best shape I've ever been in my life. Perfect combination of fitness, comradeship, and fun.


Ryan Shaw

I am a wrestling coach at Elk Grove High and former college wreslter, we have been training as a team at Warrriorz training center for the last couple months and I am highly impressed by the professionalism, motivation, and workouts compiled by Charlie Zamora and his team. The workouts are specific to our team needs and are intense (my incredibly sore muscles are a testament to that!). I have worked out in gyms all my life, but this training is different. It is a team atmosphere where each athlete is pushing, motivating, and encouraging the next. Fantastic place to workout. 


Pamela Broussard

Excellent combination, of professional training, team support, and fun. This gym is motivating and fun. I feel like a kid going out to recess when I show up for my workouts every day. The owners Charlie and Micha keep it safe and clean and orderly for all of us to have an awesome workout. The best gym in Elk Grove.


William Ayers

You want to get in Shape, WARRIORZ is the place to go. Best gym in town Hands down. I have been going for 3 months and i have seen great improvement in my fitness. Come check the place out and you will be amazed what you find out


Timothy Schmeltz

I wrestle at Elk Grove High School and i like Warrior Z they have alot to do with helping you train for sports of just to get stronger.... I highly recomend Warriors to anybody. 
Timothy Schmeltz Elk Grove Wrestling


Paul Bowling

Charlie and Micha are committed to excellence and motivating all! 
You want to train to improve your Sports Performance by building strength, power and speed? Then you want WarriorZ to be your gym! All ages can improve, no matter what!


Bill Meyer - Innersoul Band

Great place to train. Never had to go back to my regular gym!



Best place I've ever trained. I recommend it to anybody.


Tori Meyer

You won't even know until you try! Remarkable results!! And lots fun while achieving them!


Danice D.


Workouts will get you strong, and friends become family :)


Christian Dyer

Best place to workout!


Dana Armenta - Perryman

WarriorZ is the best place to workout. If you want to get stronger, faster, thinner, fitter, etc., this is the place to be! Charlie and Micha are knowledeable, and dedicated to each and every one of their members. The family atmosphere will always make you feel welcomed and encouraged. Myself, my husband and my two teenage sons all train at WarriorZ and have achieved great progress in our fitness goals; each one of them being different. I personally have lost 30lbs and have never felt better or healthier in my life. If you're tired of searching for the right fitness program, search no more and come and try WarriorZ. If you want to be better, train at WarriorZ!


Vincent Leon

I left 24-HR Fitness and CalFit to join WarriorZ. Great atmosphere and great people with great attitudes. Their system and set up makes it fun to work out, get in shape, get fit, and get along with many new faces. You're not allowed to leave without giving a fist bump from the coaches. They make you feel welcome and comfortable. I'm glad I'm apart of the WarriorZ family now.


Jason Standart

Prior to joining Warriorz, I had gone to 24 hour gym for about 2 years, with little results to show from it. I am not knocking on 24 by any means, it's just personally a 'conventional' gym was just not for me. After a friend of mine convinced me to go try crossfit at Warriorz I instantly formed a love hate relationship with it haha but mostly love. After my first workout I felt like I was going to die, just from the warm up, but by my second day I knew that this was the gym for me. I have only been going to Warriorz for a few months, but I have seen more changes in my body, my stamina, and my strength in those few months, than I did in the 2 years at the other gym I was going to. A large part of my progress is owed to Charlie, Micha, Dallas, and all the other coaches at Warriorz, not to mention every single member of the Warriorz family. We push and motivate each other to help us reach levels that we never knew were possible, I don't know of any other gym where you have every single person in the gym, helping each other complete a workout, which is evident when you go to a competition. Warriorz always have some of the largest turn outs of people, not just competitor wise, but supporters as well, there to show love to our members competing... I could probably go on and on about how much I love this gym, but i only have like 100 words left lol..Pure & simple, WARRIORZ IS AN AMAZING GYM, WITH AMAZING COACHES, AND AMAZING MEMBERS!!!


Madeline Dyer

Before I came to Warriorz, I didn't think much of Crossfit other than that the workouts were absolutely killer. But now after being there for almost a year, I can say that Warriorz embodies everything Crossfit should be about: hard work, dedication, perseverance, lots of sweat and sore muscles, and most of all, family. Everyone employed including Charlie, Micha, Milton, and Travis truly cares about you. They want you to push further when that hill seems impossible to climb. Without them, I don't know where I would be not only physically, but mentally. In addition to the amazing coaches, I have met and developed friendships with many other great people training at Warriorz. Everyone training is fun to be around and encourages you to do your absolute best. I will never forget my time at Warriorz, no matter where life takes me.


Shallan De Los Santos

Hmmmm Where do I start??? Oh yeah, I am doing this because Charlie Zamora said so =) Ha ha just kidding! No seriously, I don't know how this isn't the BEST gym already. Charlie, Micha, Kathy, Paul B, Paul R, Dallas, Milton & Travis are attentive, concerned for your safety and that of others, and the most encouraging team you could imagine. When I started Crossfit, it was with a Groupon because I thought these people were CRAZY for working so hard but once I took my 1st class, I was hooked and will NEVER go back to anything else. I spend 2-3 hours a day 4-5 days a week at this place and by no means am I ready for the Crossfit games! In the 7 months I have been with Warriorz, I have done a 34 story stair climb, signed up for 2 5k runs, I am competing in an Olympic Weightlifting Meet, AND I am also signed up for a crossfit competition! Warriorz has had the ability to push me beyond what I THINK I can do and keep me guessing. Warriorz allows everyone to be part of the family without even trying and without them, I would have never become stronger physically as well as mentally. If you are ever thinking whether you can or cannot do Crossfit, come in and take a class....crossfit is for EVERYONE! I am TRULY a case of IF I CAN DO IT, ANYONE CAN DO IT!!!

Sylvia Morgan

WarriorZ CrossFit is an amazing place!! Not only can your entire family get fit and in shape, but you will do a different workout each day! Being a part of this gym is not only fun, but you basically have a personal trainer at every class. Charlie, and every coach there, are knowledgeable in all areas of fitness, and they know just how to help you! Anyone can do CrossFit, you just have to try!!



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