Workouts, Diet Plans, Hormone Optimization, Mindset Development.

At Warriorz Tactical Fitness we deliver a program to help law enforcement officers through all stages of their career.

A tactical solution for a tactical lifestyle.

The best have teamed up to deliver the most inclusive package in the industry.

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Fitness Programming

Redefining how tactical fitness is approached.
Based on a 60 min workout. It can be performed individually or in a group. Our workouts are inclusive to all fitness levels. We have created the first tactical fitness training program that addresses each stage of a law enforcement career, Pre Academy through Retirement.

Blood Test

Educating officers on what hormonal balance is.
Individually tailored program to help balance our officers hormones, to give compassionate and holistic care to every officer, and to promote wellness throughout the lifespan.

Nutrition & Diet

Evidence based approach to nutrition.
The most effective, scientifically sound and reliable diet and training consultation to officers who want to use it to achieve results. When it comes to their goals and aspirations in the areas of physique alteration, sports performance, and health, we're passionate about helping officers target their time and efforts doing what works, and avoiding what doesn’t.

Mindset Coaching

Growth for the cognitive health of officers.
The officer knows themselves best! It is up to us to assist officers in rediscovering and redefining what it means to be consistently at their best. Our role is to provide the performance tools and emotional support necessary for the officer to enhance balance and consistency. In the end, we help enhance their chances for sustainable success by teaching them how to best transfer these skills to all areas of his or her life.

Primary Care & Preventative Health

Dr. Anker is a board certified physician who prides himself in providing unparalleled medical care. He is not only well versed in the latest guidelines set forth by the United States Preventative Task Force and American College of Cardiology and Gastroenterology but also in the utility of locally sourced nutrition as medicine as well as the native botanical medications used for hundreds of years. His approach to your wellness delves deep into the mind, body, and spirit of longevity and health.

Jiu Jitsu for First Responders and Veterans

At C3BJJ we aim to provide high quality physical and mental training for first responders and veterans through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Online Strength and Conditioning Software

Exercise & Template Database

Full Library of Exercises, Videos and Workouts Templates

Max Tracking

Comprehensive Tracking for Any Method

Goal & Standard Setting

Keeping Athletes Accountable to Accessible Goals

Mobile Video Upload

Store & Evaluate Athlete Video Uploads

Sports Science

Bring Sports Science and Wellness to The Masses


Test and Store Performance Data Digitally

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What makes WTF qualified to train police?

We have been training Law Enforcement officers and military personnel for over 15+ years. We have coached, trained and worked with an enormous amount of industry leads in multiple genres of physical training. Our program is comprehendible by all who use it and gets results.

Who is the program lead?

Charlie Zamora is the creator and Head Coach of the WarriorZ Tactical Fitness program. The program is heavily influenced by years of experience and what he learned at Naval Special Warfare Command in San Diego, Calif.

Why is your methodology superior to other programs? 

We focus on the core 4 elements that lead to overall human performance success.
    1. Training Education.
    2. Nutritional Competence.
    3. Hormonal Balance.
    4. Mindset Development.

Participants with injuries? 

Our program can be accessed by any officer with any level of skill or ability.

Will my officers get hurt? 

Injury is never 100% avoidable. Those who participate in the program will however be least likely to get injured than those that don’t.